Pure water systems and kits


A range of pure water systems of all sizes from 80 to  200 litres per hour production rates. All with 240 v diaphragm pump. Bespoke reverse osmosis systems also available to fit window cleaning vans or tight spaces. DIY kits available

Filters and filter housings


Cartridge filters to fit all standard 10" and 20" housings.  Carbon and sediment filters for reverse osmosis pre-treatment

Reverse osmosis membranes


Great prices on quality low pressure 4040 reverse osmosis membranes suitable for pure water systems. Suitable for operating pressure as low as 60 psi.

300 GPD reverse osmosis membranes

Reverse osmosis housings


Housings for 4040 and 3012 size reverse osmosis membranes

Mixed bed resin and resin vessels

Resin vessel for pure water system

The final polishing is crucial for the quality of the final pure water. Make sure yours is big enough for all window cleaning applications with a variety of sizes available from 11-35 litres. We supply with or without a fill of virgin Tulsion MB-115 resin according to your requirements


Push fit valve for reverse osmosis system

TDS sticks, pumps, flowmeters and valves to keep your pure water flowing from your window cleaning reverse osmosis system