Pure water and reverse osmosis equipment

Pure water equipment for industry, home and hobby

Deionised water supplied in bulk

Window cleaners

Everything the professional window cleaner needs to produce pure water for a stunning finish

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Aquarium Enthusiasts

Pure water and reverse osmosis systems and filters for the aquarium enthusiast - no matter how large your system

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Private water supplies

Solutions for turbidity, iron, manganese, cryptosporidium  pesticides and nitrate contamination of your private spring or borehole

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Reverse osmosis systems for the production of laboratory grade deionised water up to 250 litres per hour

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Industry and Utility

Reverse osmosis membranes and filtration media for large systems

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Membrane cleaning

RO NF UF membrane cleaning and technical support 

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Bulk deionised water supply

High quality pure water supplied in bulk quantity to Bristol based customers - for window cleaning or any other application

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